Saturday, February 17, 2024

Valentine's Day 2024: A patient, kind, and sweet Love.

2/14/24💝 Valentine's Day was truly patient, kind, and sweet as it began in #Stonecrest with a lovely Service of Love Valentine's Breakfast spread, moments of love, and community hosted by City of Stonecrest Parks & Recreation. It was such an honor to be celebrated and connected with so many residents, businessowners, ministers, and community leaders within Stonecrest! Councilwoman Washington charged us to be a people of love and action everyday. 

Afterwards, I hung out in #Decatur Square leading into the City of Decatur GA- Government evening Valentine's Day Pop-Up, enjoying the music, beautiful weather, scenery, photo ops, roses, and Valentine treats. My heart was full!! It truly was a day of blessings and feeling encouraged, empowered, and engulfed by God's true definition of love!! ❤🫂